Wanker Wednesday

Thought that would get your attention! This post has nothing more salubrious than the title, but it always makes me smile how a word can incite such reaction in people. Personally I love English with all of its swear words, slang and colloquialisms. There is much to learn from the gritty parts of any language, not least Englis, which has acted as a formidable sponge across its history, soaking up each successive conquerer’s words. Anyhow that’s an aside to the diary, fuckin' norah I’ve only got 160 words left!

I was on the phones as per usual yesterday, nothing too crazy there. Some people are clearly living under a rock though. Had a few people surprised that more retail wasn’t open already (applies firm palm to forehead). I refrained from getting into it because it’s a hole that I don’t think I’d climb out of. Instead I just smiled and waved, much like the Madagaska penguins.

Just remembered that Catherine and I ran with Neil in the morning. It was Catherine’s first time running our 2km time trial route past the Sydney Cricket Ground and boy did we smash it. Catherine ran 9:09, Neil was slightly ahead in 9:06 (I think) and I ran 8:31. Neil and I smashed last week’s 9:30 and 9 respectively by a huge margin. Next week we are going to give the mile a go, to see if we can get close to Roger Bannister’s old mile record. From when he was 5 years old.

Words: 262. Target: 250. Too much waffle in there Tom. Must manscape these more.