What are you reading?

I have just finished two of the four books I was reading. It has been a long time since I’ve had this many on the go and not something I would recommend. I generally find that when my mind is a bit “screwy” I read multiple books. My attention span, patience and mood are low, so I flip from one thing to the next. This is literally the story of my life demonstrated in my book reading *face palms*

I finished reading Humangee 101 and When I stop talking you’ll know I’m dead. The first is a handbook for understanding ourselves, with guidance on how to lead a more mindful and present life, whilst understanding what makes us tick. The latter is an autobiography of Jerry Weintraub, a film producer and talent manager for the likes of Elvis and Frank Sinatra. It was a real insight into the music and film business of days gone by, with incredible anecdotes from his time with the stars.

The two books left are Inside of a dog and Dust. The first is a funny and enlightening book about what dogs see, smell and know from a cognitive scientist. Of all the four books it is probably the easiest to read and the most amusing. Dust is the last in the trilogy of this dystopian series, following a silo of people underground as they come to terms with a shattering truth about their lives and history. That’s as much as I can explain without ruining the trilogy for you!

On Instagram I posed two questions. What are you reading right now? If you get to a “bump” when reading a book do you stick with it and read through to the end? Or do you cut and run for another book? Take a moment to think about those and reflect on what you do.

I used to think that I always stuck with a book and tried to get through to the end. However I have realised that I do something else. When I get to a difficult part of a book, or get bored (often) I pick up another book. In effect I delay the current book for another. However this can happen multiple times, so that I end up as I have done lately with four books on the go! Eventually I do finish all the books by moving between them depending on what state of mind and mood I am in.

I am not here to preach what you should do, it is a very personal thing. But on reflection my book reading is how I have lived my life for many years. In honesty everything I have put my mind to has been the same. I start one thing and move onto the next when things get boring or I don’t feel they are fulfilling me. Until recently I haven’t worked out what has fulfilled me. To be frank I am still piecing it together with the help of my psychologist. But I will say this, don’t underestimate the effect of your childhood experiences on your mind. There’s always some shit to unpack no matter how good it was.

For now I am trying to get back into a healthy routine that suits my brain. A routine that involves doing things “little and often”, not trying to make things perfect and focusing on the present so that my mind doesn’t take a big mind shit on me. So far it seems to be working as I exercised this morning, did a load of house jobs and tidied my workshop before settling in to write. In effect I feel like I cleared my mind of all the crap so that I could sit here and tap this out to you.

Thank you for reading this far if you didn’t cut and run away half way through. As I said above please let me know what you are reading and how you deal with bumps, I’d love to know in the comments or via email: tjalfry@icloud.com


Tom :)