Wondrous Wednesday

Really? Was it wondrous? Well yes parts of it were. I began the day with a little jog up the hill with Catherine as part of our training plan. I had agreed to meet Neil “I like wearing lycra” McCann at the SCG for a socially distant training run. On Friday NSW government are relaxing “visitation rights” between friends, so two people can go to another friend’s house. I am pretty sure this will mean a new wave of cases next week, but Neil and I were taking that as a positive step for a socially distant run. We had engaged in some friendly “bants” about running in the prior week and had concluded that we would both like to see how fast we could run 2km. This morning we found out by running up Anzac parade and looping back past the SCG that meant 9 minutes on the nose for me and 9 minutes 32 seconds for Neil. The bar has been set and we are now making this a weekly thing, the beauty of which is that if I maintain a 30 second gap then we are covering our socially distant training etiquette (fighting talk aimed at Neil there).

The rest of the day involved securing my neighbours fence, working the phones for Apple and Apple training. I finished off with a lot of writing up of these blog posts to keep me on track. Damn I forgot the TV talk.


(Word count: 246 words, not including this. Target 250. Nicely under there.)