I set a goal at the start of the year to write and publish ten books. It was an aim which seemed outlandish at the time, but has since driven me to greater creativity and been thoroughly enjoyable. These books are adding to my library which began with my mental health handbook The Noisy Mind. You can download a sample of that via the links below.


Each of these books is short and that's no accident. They are designed this way not only because I am not a big book writer (yet), but because I wanted to appeal to anyone that struggles with time and focus. I wanted these books to be accessible to many. The benefit to me is that I can explore ideas without it consuming me. The benefit to you is that you don't lose out if you don't like them (they are $1.99 and can be easily read in a day).


Within my writing I cover a range of topics from self development tips to short stories. I've highlighted some of my favourites below, but if you check the blog you'll see a short post for each book. All of my books are available on my shop or via Apple Books.




My first book is a straight forward book of tools to help with your mental health, regardless of whether you are struggling or not.

Each chapter is a week's worth of straight forward actions, easy to get straight into in order to help yourself.

When you finish I hope you'll walk away with a few tools to gain back control of your mind and maintain a level headed calm through difficult times.

If you have an Apple device you can download the book from the Apple Books app now, just click on the link below.

Alternatively you can download the book in PDF form by clicking the Android link. As it is a PDF the audio meditations are available through my shop page as downloads.


Little bites is a book of daily positive tips that can be read each day or flicked through when needed. I wanted to write something that followed in the footsteps of my mental health handbook The Noisy Mind.


If you are anything like me then you have days when you feel lethargic, self critical and struggle to get your arse into gear. Little bites can help in a small way. It’s no panacea. I am not after all Marcus Aurelius reincarnated. But it is a helpful voice to hear, to cajole you into simple action and remind you that this poop moment shall pass.


Ah The Grumpy Man c’est moi! This is a book of comedy rants. I have selected around 8 of my pet peeves to regale you with. But it’s not just a whingeing POHM going off about how it’s too sunny in Australia. (Although that is now getting added to my list). No it is a rant followed by the more chilled part of me trying (in vain) to calm Grumpy Tom down. 


I hope that most of these outbursts will find common ground amongst many readers, but that we will all be able to read laugh about them together. For I feel it's best to speak the truth and then laugh at yourself. Enjoy.


Have you ever thought about getting into running but wasn't sure where to start? If the answer is yes then this book is for you. If the answer is no then this book may still be for you…


I wrote this book not only as a guide to beginners for avoiding the mistakes and pitfalls that I made as a runner. I also wanted to use it in order to explain the way it can help and hinder your mental health. That is really the more interesting part of running anyway; the mental challenge and call to the great outdoors, which drives may runners. 


But fear not I don’t write about my numerous successes in finishing in the Top 100 (out of 101). Nor do I brag about my ability to run a marathon on little training (because it’s a stupidly painful idea). No I just write about how you can make running easier and more enjoyable for yourself. God knows we all need a little more of that.


As this is an ever evolving process there will be more books available than you see here. I recommend checking out my blog to see a short post on each book in my collection.