A blog?! Who writes a blog anymore I hear you cry. Well I've been writing this one badly since 2009 (maybe earlier) and I figured why stop now? In fact if anything I've improved my writing from middle school English to at least GCSE grade C. Fortunately for you that means posts are not usually longer than 500 words and it is easy to understand. Posts will include ways to add healthy habits, tools to improve mental & physical health, fascinating books I am reading and carpentry projects I've produced*. (*My other passion)


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Below you'll find a few posts I think worth reading. Some are a description of my new books and other pieces are idea or tools I believe are worth sharing. These are updated each month so check back in the future for more highlights.

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Below you'll find all my posts going back a long way! From time to time I will feature some of them above, but feel free to peruse at your pleasure.