I started writing a blog back in 2009 and it was mostly the rubbish with a few gems. It began as a way to share knowledge on fitness, diet and habits from my day job as a personal trainer to my clients and friends. It then became a way to open up about my struggle with mental health in the hope that I could help someone avoid what I went through. Years later I am now publishing my self development books online and enjoying my business of coaching and counselling, which helps people work through their own challenges.

I only post once a week to this blog because we all experience information overload nowadays. You'll find that my posts are generally less than a 5 minute read and easy to absorb. For those of you that want to read a little more my books are available through the shop or via the Apple Books app on your Apple device. They too are written in an easy to read way, partly because I am a simple man and because I recognise we all suffer with our attention and focus.


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