I have written for a number of years on my blog, in my journal and with letters (those things that used to arrive in the mail). I did this as a way to manage my own mental health, but also because I just plain enjoyed it! Handwriting your thoughts and ideas with a good fountain pen on decent paper is incredibly cathartic. 

As the years progressed my role as a personal trainer developed into more of a mental and physical coach. I didn't see it as life coaching, but an extension of what I was already doing. I used my personal experience along with my training to help clients live a more fulfilled and balanced life. That is now part of my business offering with a strong focus on guiding clients to develop healthy habits and lead a fulfilled and connected life.


A development came with my writing too as I realised there was a huge benefit to publishing my experience. My first book The Noisy Mind was the result and as a mental health handbook it is still growing each year.


In 2020 with Covid rampant across the globe I set a goal to write ten short self development books in 2021. Currently "Tom's Ten" sits at seven books published and if I'm frank a lot more to come!

You can get a taste of my writing via my blog and newsletter or if you'd like to dive straight in I'd recommend checking out Little Bites from Tom's Ten.

A photo of Tom's handwritten notes (he loves handwriting everything!)